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About Shannon Hamaker

Relationship Coach & Health Educator

Hi! I am Shannon! What started as a curiosity to have a better relationship with my husband of 19 years has now turned into a movement to help as many people as possible do the same! I believe that when we shed the layers of misunderstandings surrounding sexuality and intimacy, there is MAGIC. That magic looks different to everyone, but I am here to guide you down the different paths that are waiting for you to (s)explore!

I have been trying to shed light on the myths of human sexuality through intimacy education and the promotion of relationship enhancement products for those that may have effects from medication, pelvic pain, peri & post-menopause, and/or cancer treatments. While a "Sexually Speaking with Shannon" presentation is fun, they also answer questions and concerns about sexual health!

Shannon is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.S. in Human Ecology with a focus on Marriage & Family. She is a Certified Sexual Health Promotor and Educator through Indiana University, a Certified Sex Coach, and a Somatic Practioner certified in the TCS™ Method. 

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