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September 12th to 15th, 2024
For women who are ready to release what's holding them back to create space for more joy and pleasure for a fulfilling life!

Restore for More
Women's Retreat

“This retreat was transformative, regardless of how much past work has been done. It was a safe space to explore expansion and being your authentic self.” - Rhonda, Retreat Attendee


There has been a collective shift. Have you felt it?  
Women are embracing their inner truth. Many of them hear their bodies talking louder. Saying things like, “This does not add value to your life!” or “You were designed for more!” It shows up in ways we don’t always notice because of busyness and distraction. It is time for stillness. Our body speaks through the quality of sleep, frustrations, and resentments we have. Or the feeling like there was a wrong turn taken somewhere and life is not what you thought it would be like. There is more…


But what does more look like?!
More lies within you and it is ready to be uncovered.


It’s time to step away from life to get perspective on what matters. We do this through connection, meditation, breathwork, discussion, and intention!



September 12 to 15th, 2024


Louisville, TN 
(Just outside Knoxville)
At a beautiful property on Lake Loudon


We desire for you to leave this weekend with clarity, peace, and connection. We are committed to supporting you in leaving shame and guilt behind and in letting go of the narratives that are no longer serving you. You get to look hard at the threads of negative energy and beliefs that you picked up through life that are currently threatening the dream relationships your heart truly desires.  

Each guest will leave with transformative tools to incorporate into their life. These resources will help you to integrate what you learn from the weekend and put it into practice immediately upon your return to the real world.


There will also be an opportunity for post-retreat group integration as a group if you would like an added layer of support after the retreat. 


$1997 Early Bird until June 1st

After June 1st, $2297 per person

*** Payment plans are available.

"I've never felt more supported like this before in my life. I enjoyed all the group discussions, the exercises, and breathwork sessions.100% so glad I decided to go!"  

- Maria, Retreat Attendee

"The retreat was pivotal in my life! Whether you are in a rough patch or you feel there is more for you, this retreat will help you refocus and learn tools to love yourself and improve your relationships.”

- Nicole, Retreat Attendee



Women who want more. More passion, more intention, more direction, more joy, and more fulfillment.

Women who love a challenge and prioritize health and wellness.

Women who want support through their personal growth journey.



There is power in connection. We will focus on connection to ourselves and others in both large and small group settings. 

Topics & modalities will include -

  • Embodiment

  • Communication

  • Sexuality

  • Breathwork

  • Boundaries

  • Healing Seats 


Healthy, nourishing meals will be provided. Bring your own snacks and drinks if you like something specific for comfort. If you have allergies or a specific kind of diet, we will accommodate. 


Knoxville's Tyson McGhee Airport is 20 minutes away and has direct flights from many major citiies. We can arrange for transportation if you are flying in. No need to get a rental car. 




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Instagram: @shannonhamaker

Phone: 423-227-5533

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Hi! I am Shannon! What started as a curiosity to have a better relationship with my own husband of 17 years has now turned into a movement to help as many people as possible do the same! I believe that when we shed the layers of misunderstandings surrounding sexuality and intimacy, there is MAGIC. That magic looks different to everyone, but I am here to guide you down the different paths that are waiting for you to (s)explore!

Shannon is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.S. in Human Ecology with a focus on Marriage & Family. She is a Certified Sexual Health Promotor and Educator through Indiana University and Certified Sex Coach through Sex & Love Co.

About Shannon
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