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Restore for More
Couples Retreat

February 1st - February 4th, 2024
Franklin, TN 

(Just outside of Nashville)

For couples wanting MORE connection and passion in their relationships. 



8 Courageous & Beautiful Couples

A 4-day retreat with "fun-comfortable" experiences and a chance to nourish your relationship. 

The Reunion Stay Estate

Franklin, TN

(20 minutes from Nashville) 


Thursday, February 1st to

Sunday, February 4th, 2024

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To create the relationship you have always desired.


"This experience has opened up new dimensions in our relationship and within us individually. It has been a deeper dive into our potential than we ever thought was possible. I cannot express enough gratitude to the Universe for connecting us with Shannon, Heather, & Amanda!"

Mike & Nicole, Retreat Attendees


It's okay to want MORE.

To dream of a relationship that is full of passion and love. To want to feel more connection and compassion for your partner and for yourself. 

In fact, all that you want is perfect and you are right where you're supposed to be.   


Leaving this 4-day experience feeling lighter and crystal clear on what kind of relationship you and your partner are creating. 


You will do this through the experience of being led by other couples wanting the same. Through modalities such as breathwork, healing seats, erotic blueprints, and compassionate communication, you will write the script of your future partnership. 


As women with experiences in partnership, we have navigated the challenging waters of dysfunction within our relationships. 

However, we knew there was more within us. We believed there was a way for life to flow with ease, for communication to be clear, and for us to reignite the fire that once burned.

We found that somatic and inner child work is foundational to collective healing. By taking care of our inner selves and recognizing how we once responded to situations from a place of hurt, overwhelm, and fear, we were able to identify the parts of us that were damaging our relationships.

Our goal for this weekend retreat is to help you regain clarity, peace, and connection. We are committed to supporting you in letting go of shame, and guilt and in releasing the narratives that no longer serve you. We will support you in releasing what is holding you and your partner back from achieving the dream relationship your heart desires.

We will provide you with transformative tools that you can incorporate into your life,  long after you leave the retreat.

Additionally, we will offer a post-retreat group integration for those who would like an extra layer of support after the retreat.



$3500 Paid in full/couple

(Payment plans available) 

Price includes each couple's own room and bathroom, 8 delicious meals, a custom gift bag with sexy accouterments, and transportation to and from the airport if needed. 


**Payment plans are available, and if you have an HSA or FSA account, you may be able to use these funds depending on your state of residence.

Who can benefit from this retreat?

Couples that know they are ready for more. Maybe you have tried traditional talk therapy or attended a marriage retreat and while they were helpful, you want to go deeper. 

This experience is also for couples who feel lost on their journey and are seeking support to rediscover the best versions of themselves. You may be at a crossroads and you want to have this immersive experience to have immediate growth. 


What will we be doing?

There is power in connection. We will focus on connection to ourselves and others in both large and small group settings. 

Topics & modalities will include:​

  • Communication Tools​​

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Breathwork

  • The Erotic Blueprints

  • Somatic Tools

  • Healing Seats

  • Inner Child and Reparenting

  • High Grade Dance Party 

Will meals be provided during the stay?

Yes, we will provide healthy and nourishing meals. However, if you prefer something specific for comfort, please bring your own snacks and drinks. Rest assured that we will take care of any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have.

What about transportation?


The Nashville International Airport is only 30 minutes away, and it offers direct flights from many big cities. If you are flying in, we can arrange transportation to and from the Airbnb, so there's no need to rent a car.



Our luxury accommodations will be a gorgeous 13,000 square-foot estate with 13 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, on a scenic 7-acre property just a 20-minute drive from Nashville.

King and queen bedrooms with shared vs private baths are on a first come first serve basis. 

Meet Your Retreat Guides


I am a seeker of truth and I love deep conversation, especially about the things we have been told to keep in secret! Wife to Steve, Mom to two boys who were the motivation to do better.

I have a BS in Human Development and am a certified Sexual Health Educator and Coach.

After a near separation with my husband, I doubled down on my responsibility as a partner and broke the ties of co-dependency. My purpose in life is helping individuals connect to their hearts and purpose so deeply that it sparks the waves of change within their families so that they can all live the most extraordinary lives possible! 

322977234_1616678112117189_1253422280772770906_n (1) (1).jpg


I am a transformational coach for women utilizing the power of somatics, inner child work, and breath to facilitate lasting change. 

I have been a physical therapist for 12 years and in the self-development world for 15 years but only started to support at these deeper levels in 2020. 

Wife of almost 15 years and mother of two.


I am a mom to 3 and a Licensed Mental Health Therapist.


It’s important to share that first and foremost I am human. I share my story as an example of how trauma and healing are a REAL LIFE HUMAN THING and that you can change your current circumstances and in turn change your future!


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