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Retreats & Coaching

Shannon Hamaker

Certified Sexual Health Educator & Coach


Restore For More Retreat

September 14th - 17th

It’s time to step away from life to get perspective on what matters. We do this through connection, meditation, breathwork, discussion, and intention! 

Meet Shannon

Sexual Health Educator & Relationship Coach

Hi! I am Shannon! What started as a desperation to "fix" my marriage has turned into a movement to help people heal and thrive in their relationships. I believe when we shed the layers of misunderstandings surrounding sexuality and intimacy, there is MAGIC. That magic looks different to everyone, but I am here to guide you down the different paths that are waiting for you to (s)explore! 

Whether it is through coaching, workshops, or transformative retreats...I want you to have access to who you were created to be in the world!

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What I Specialize In


1:1 & Couples



Transformational Retreats










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The Journey Towards Sexual Wellness Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

“Midlife crisis gets lots of attention in the media, on tv shows, and in books.  I love that this retreat taught me about midlife discovery. Turning 40 has been liberating and wonderful. This retreat with women the same age has reminded me how much we have in common despite our different walks of life.”

- Retreat Attendee

“I love personal growth and underestimated the amount of personal growth I have yet to do. This experience gave me even more ways to implement strategies on a regular basis to maximize my life experiences.”

- Ashlie, Retreat Attendee

This Retreat was something I didn’t realize I needed in my life, but sharing and learning with other women my age helped me immensely. With Shannon as our knowledgeable guide, we enjoyed a weekend full of laughter and

new friendships.

- Retreat Attendee


Journey With Me

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