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Retreats & Coaching

Shannon Hamaker

Sexual Health Educator & Coach

Somatic Practitioner & TCS™ Master Coach


September 12th to 15th, 2024

Lake Loudon, TN

For women who want to awaken the fulfillment and happiness in life they have always wanted but didn’t think was possible!


Meet Your Host, Shannon!

Sexual Health Educator & Relationship Coach

Hi! I'm Shannon! I have been in the sexual and mental health space for over 20 years. With a degree in Human Development and several certifications in Sexual Health Education, I am a life learner and continue to build my knowledge. But the ultimate school was in my own experience in my relationships.


What started as desperation to "fix" my marriage has turned into a movement to help people heal and thrive in their relationships, starting with themselves. I believe that when we shed the layers of misunderstandings surrounding sexuality and understand our body and emotions, there is MAGIC. That magic looks different to everyone, but I am here to guide you on your journey! 

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I Specialize In...

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