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The Sensually Awakened Soul

For women who are ready to expand their capacity for pleasure and find their deeper purpose.

Next cohort - Fall, 2024

A Small Virtual Group Experience for BIG Transformation  

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  • Having a deep awareness of your sexual self 

  • Feeling connected to your mind, body, and soul

  • Feeling cracked open and exposed to all the possibilities the universe is ready to offer you

  • You have incredibly powerful s*xual experiences that add pleasure to all parts of your life

  • Feeling fully embodied and awakened in your sensuality

  • Fully present, and aware of your energetic needs to feel safe in your body

  • Your connection to your sensual self strengthens your intuition and gifts

  • You radiate your fullest expression

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You are the Sensually Awakened Soul... 

WHAT we will dive into in each call:

  • Week 1: Getting in touch with your WHY and uncovering your desires.

  • Week 2: What’s in the way? And how to release that to make space.

    • Protectors & Nervous System Regulation

    • The 5 Personality Patterns

  • Week 3: Embodiment of Desires

    • Sensual movement

    • Self-pleasure practices

    • The Erotic Blueprints

  • Week 4: Embodiment of Desires pt 2

    • Compassionate Communication

    • Speaking your desires

  • Week 5: Celebration & Integration



This experience is for you if you: 

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  • Have done “the work” but there is still a loss of connection to self.

  • You are a healer, practitioner, energy worker, medium, or intuitive wanting to expand your connection to your intuition. 

  • You know sex and intimacy are important, but not sure how to nurture that part of you.

  • You feel like you are broken because you don’t crave s*x.

  • You just don’t feel sexual.

  • You want to know how to talk about s*x and communicate your desires.

  • There is a hint of shame when talking about s*x.

  • You are outsourcing your needs to find pleasure.

  • You justify why you have a low libido.  

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ABOUT your guide, Shannon

I am a seeker of truth and lover of deep conversation, especially about the things we have been told to keep in secret! I am a partner to Steve and a mom to two boys who were the motivation to do better.

I have 20 years in the Sexual Health space and a BS in Human Development. As a certified Sexual Health Educator, Somatic Practioner, and TCS™ Certified Master Facilitator I am able to support others in their connection to their authentic self.

But it is the experience that brought my depth to coaching. After a near separation from my husband, I doubled down on my responsibility as a partner and broke the ties of co-dependency. My purpose in life is helping individuals connect to their hearts and purpose so deeply that it sparks the waves of change within their families so that they can all live the most extraordinary lives possible! 



Starting the first week of January

  • 5 Calls, 1.5 hours each

  • Group Voxer Support

  • Access to 5 video modules to support integration

  • "Homework" assignments

  • $555 or 2 payments of $300

  • The exact time and date will be determined by a poll for what works best for the group. 

  • This is not a spectator experience. Live participation is encouraged.

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